About Me

Thats me, in all of the pictures on this page, doing what I love doing, practicing Tai Chi with my students and with the sunrise.

I am from Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) I am the father of four grown up children. I am living in Spain and retired from full time work., although I am always busy either teaching Tai Chi Ch’uan or helping individuals who who need a little support through difficult times.

I am an experienced martial artist and a qualified and registered Tai Chi Instructor. I have had the privilege of attending courses and learning Tai Chi under some of the most acclaimed teachers, namely, Dr. Paul Lam, Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang, Grandmaster Chen Zheng Lei, Master Mantak Chia and the late Master Lim Lai Leong of Penang, Malaysia.

Like many people coming from Zimbabwe I have had to immigrate and resettle in a new country a number of times. In hind-sight, the repeated relocation has been good for my martial arts learning, as I have had to change from one system to another and I have been exposed to the teachings and influences of a range of martial arts and Tai Chi teachers from different countries, as diverse as China, Malaysia, Thailand, Switzerland, Australia, Hungary, Israel, South Africa, America and the United Kingdom. While I have practiced these different systems over the years and really enjoyed the different open-hand and weapons fighting forms, my real passion for some years now is the study and practice of Tai Chi Ch’uan.

I cannot impress you by telling you that I have a Tai Chi pedigree, or that I am a Tai Chi Master, or that I come from a long Tai Chi generation lineage. In fact, because I have met and received instruction from some of the best, I am quick to acknowledge there are many outstanding Tai Chi teachers and Masters out there and “I am simply a dedicated student with a life-time of Tai Chi learning ahead of me”

I am fascinated by the origins and connections of different martial arts, whether they originate from Japan, India, Israel, Thailand, China, Okinawa or any other country. The history and the deeper similarities of one system to another intrigue me, as do the basics principles of all of these systems, the fundamentals are so connected and the basics to these fundamentals are always the same. More than this, I just love teaching Tai Chi. I am committed to teaching and learning Tai Chi Ch’uan. I have taught for years and I am always rewarded when witnessing students, young, middle aged, elderly and sometimes disabled persons benefiting from practicing Tai Chi.

I am a training fanatic, practicing both martial arts and  many Tai Chi forms from the Chen, Yang and Sun styles of Tai Chi on a daily basis.

I am very motivated when teaching small groups. I am involved in teaching Tai Chi to private groups in rented studios, at Health centres, to employees in the work place, to individuals and couples in their home or at my home Tai Chi studio.

See my Retreats page I offer short and intensive classes for Holiday makers and persons wanting to learn the basics of Tai Chi in a short space of time