Understanding my purpose in life and feeling content with who I am is the single most important principle in my life.

Feeling good about who I am, is my source of motivation and also my anchor. Coaching, guiding and supporting people to achieve this principle and enjoy the journey of setting and realizing their own goals, personal and professional, has been a quest of mine for many years.

I am a father of four grown up children, all married and living in different countries. I was born in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). My home language is English and I am living in Spain on the Costa Blanca. 

I am  now retired from full time work. My aspiration has been for many years to retire in Spain and continue with my Health Coaching and the teaching of Tai Chi C’uan. I coach people in the workplace, I coach people in their day to day lives and I coach people on many aspects of fitness and general well-being.

I enjoy most sports and I have taken part in many triathlons; marathons and ultra-marathons, I have also enjoying diverse sports such as field athletics, karate, squash, tennis, golf, swimming, hiking, running, shooting, bowling, billiards, badminton and biking. I am an experienced martial artist and a qualified and registered Tai Chi Instructor. I have had the privilege of attending courses with and learning Tai Chi under some of the most acclaimed teachers, namely, Dr. Paul Lam, Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang, Grandmaster Chen Zheng Lei, Master Mantak Chia and the late Master Lim Lai Leong of Penang, Malaysia.

I attained my first certification in fitness instruction, sports masseur and fitness coaching at the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa in 1989. My lecturer and mentor was the late Professor Mel Siff a leading doctor and specialist in biomechanics and the author of many books on training and fitness. His most famous text was ‘Super training ‐ Special Strength Training for Sporting Excellence”. In 1994 I enhanced my qualifications as a Fitness Instructor with the FITCO Board of Exercise Specialists for fitness instruction, aerobics and personal training and in 1996 I received my final diploma as a Coach and Personal trainer with the Sports Science Institute of South Africa.

While my coaching career began as a Fitness Coach, I have over the past 30 years coached many people in business and or in their private lives and so developed my own methods and techniques for life coaching. Through effective and personal coaching I have helped these people to identify their meaning in life, to go on to set and achieve their own goals and in some cases helped them through difficult periods in their lives simply by supporting them, guiding them, and being with them every step of the way for as long as it takes.