Challenge yourself and enjoy the results!

Personal Training – as a keen sports person and a fitness-professional, I enjoy the challenge of clearly understanding the specific fitness/health objectives of my clients and then tailoring programs for them. Everyone is different and so are their goals and aspirations and so the solutions are always quite unique.

A clear objective and a tailored program, no program is complete if these two important components have not been installed. I stay with my clients and support them every step of the way until such time as they have achieved their objectives. I find it so rewarding when I contact them months after we have completed the program to see they are still on track and enjoying the benefits they achieved when we were together.

Fitness and Well-being Assessments ‐ after the complimentary session when your views and objectives are well understood, we would meet for the second time time to jointly consider the assessments available to us to determine what would be the best program.