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Selecting the right coach is crucial to a great coaching experience

A Free Complimentary Session – Taking on a personal coach is a big step and a very important one. Important because the nature of a coaching relationship, although professional is still a personal one. My clients must be sure that they would feel comfortable with their coach and that they could develop a meaningful and trusting relationship. This free session gives them the opportunity to meet with me and to learn more about me and my coaching methods. This first meeting is absolutely free of charge with no obligations.

At this complimentary meeting, we would discuss my methods of coaching and possible scenarios for working together and why the client would like to have a coach, where would we meet for future sessions, how frequent should we meet, how long should be a single session, how long would we work together, then, if they still want me to be their coach we would set up our first coaching session to begin with the design of a program individually tailored clearly and specific.

Future Sessions ‐ Where coaching takes place is very varied and depends on the coaching program. Coaching sessions are tailored for the individual, and every person has a different situation and has their own unique needs. Coaching sessions can be at the office or at home, in the fitness studio, in the park or the forest, at the lake, or in a coffee shop, the choice is ours determined by the program. I also support my clients using the telephone and most forms of social media such as text messaging and Skype.