Learning Tai Chi

Tai Chi can be learned and practiced by anyone of any age, very young children, adults and the elderly, even those with conditions that may exclude them from other forms of exercise.

For me the most effective way to learning Tai Chi is to learn the basics and the key principles of Tai Chi and then the form

I teach Tai Chi to persons of all ages. I teach the forms and principles to absolute beginners, to experienced martial artists and Tai Chi practitioners, to the elderly, to persons with disabilities and to persons going through physical rehabilitation or recovering from serious illness or accidents.

During the Coronavirus Lockdown I continued to teach Tai Chi and Qi Gong from my home to those students of mine from various parts of the globe that were willing to practice with me in a virtual class room. Many of these classes were recorded and can be seen on this utube link

See my Retreats page I offer short and intensive classes for Holiday makers and persons wanting to learn the Tai Chi basics, the key principles and a form of Tai Chi in a short space of time.
The top reasons I enjoy practicing and sharing Tai Chi with others are:
  • Tai Chi if practiced correctly offers many health benefits
  • The benefits of practicing Tai Chi are very noticeable in a short space of time
  • Tai Chi can be done indoors or outdoors
  • Tai Chi does not require special clothing
  • Tai Chi can be practiced in a group or alone
  • Tai Chi can be practiced by young or old
  • Tai Chi can be modified for persons with special conditions
  • Tai Chi can be practiced in a very limited space
  • Tai Chi is a vast subject and there is always something new to learn
  • Tai Chi adds value to my martial arts techniques
  • Practicing and teaching Tai Chi gives me a real “feel good” feeling
  • Tai Chi is simply, good for me

To download a .pdf version of the short books I wrote for persons wanting to learn Tai Chi Chuan, click on one of the books below: