Finding the Right Class for You

Finding the right class and the right teacher and or school can make a big difference to how quickly and smoothly you’re able to progress in Tai Chi. Here are some pointers that you may consider:

Find an instructor with solid Tai Chi skills. An instructor who demonstrates the form with a good posture with continuous, flowing and controlled movements. Their movements should be unified and connected. There are too many Tai Chi teachers out there that simply teach the sequence of movements, teachers who do not show or even understand good Tai Chi basics. The instructor should place emphasis on the Tai Chi basics, like good posture, proper stances, effective weight distribution, slow continuous movements and other essential Tai Chi principles applicable to both beginners and to the more advanced student.

Find an instructor with good teaching skills – A good instructor should be knowledgeable enough to be able to demonstrate and to discuss the basic and the essential principles of Tai Chi. He or she should have a good understanding of the different learning capabilities of students and should have a consistent teaching method/approach. Ideally the instructor’s teaching style should be able to accommodate your particular learning style, which could be for a visual learner, a reflective learner, an analytical learner, a kinaesthetic learner or an active learner.

Finding a good instructor is critical to get you going in the right direction on your “life-long” Tai Chi Ch’uan journey!

Visit the School – If possible, check an instructor out in person. Check to see what the instructor can do, and not just what they or others say they can do. Take a moment to reflect after watching the instructor do a form. Were you inspired by the performance to want to do those movements? Satisfy yourself that the learning environment is a good one, one that is safe and conducive to learning Tai Chi.

Does the instructor teach the aspects of Tai Chi you want to learn? Find an instructor whose focus can accommodate your aspirations. It could be frustrating to practice with a group of avid martial artists who are learning the martial aplications of Tai Chi when your main goal is improved health.

Be sure that the Tai Chi style and form taught at that school are the same as the Style and form you want to learn.