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Welcome to my Web Site!

This web site has been created for me to share my passion for practicing Tai Chi Ch’uan and my experience and skills with others, hopefully, inspiring them to incorporate the practice of Tai Chi into their way of life.

I am now offering Tai Chi Retreats and group and private classes at various locations and in various studios 

My name is Lester Heath and I am an experienced martial arts practitioner and Tai Chi Ch’uan and Qi Gong instructor. I am now living in Spain and I am enjoying teaching local students and students that are here on holiday from all around the world.

Practicing Tai Chi and Qi Gong has been my passion for many years and has enabled me to enjoy a level of fitness that has complimented my lifestyle from early adulthood to the present day, allowing me to enjoy my retirement from full-time work with enthusiasm and vitality.

“I love learning and teaching Tai Chi Ch’uan and Qi Gong I am excited when I see my students developing their Tai Chi and or Qi Gong and reaping the many health benefits resulting from the routine practice of these amazing ancient Chinese art forms”

I practice Tai Chi routinely on a daily basis and I run classes at least 8 times per week. I learn so much from my students while I am demonstrating, explaining and teaching.

I have travelled extensively and wherever I have had to go, I always found the time and place to practice my Tai Chi and Qi Gong

I do hope you enjoy browsing my web site and I hope that should you start to practice Tai Chi or as you continue to do your Tai Chi that you too will enjoy the benefits from the many wonderful concepts and principles incorporated in the practice of Tai Chi Chuan and, in the process, have fun!