I have just had the pleasure of having six one hour private Tai Chi lessons with Lester, his knowledge and teaching skills are excellent. If you have ever considered trying out tai chi I would advise anyone whatever your age group to give it a go. I attended my lessons at the Las Ramblas golf course which is an excellent environment.

Lester’s teaching ability enables him to adopt his teaching to every individual and creates a friendly relaxed class, ideal for beginners. Lester obviously has vast martial arts experience which he loves to pass on, he will answer all your questions and can go into immense depth if required. There are not many people around who will gladly do this.

Living in London and having visited China for martial arts, I can guarantee you will not find a more knowledgeable teacher on your doorstep and at such cheap rates compared to the rest of Europe. Try a class once and you wont look back.

Tai Chi is great for your health, your well being and helps older people with balance which is a major cause of accidents, but the best reason to try Tai Chi is its fun and available at any age.

Thanks Lester
Ken Barry

On my next two week break i will try to have one hour lessons a day learning the Yang style Tai Chi sword form.