I knew Lester as he was, like me, a Tai Chi for Health Instructor from Dr. Paul Lam, in Switzerland. Then he moved to Spain. I heard (only good things) about his retreats and decided to go to Spain to do a tai chi retreat with him. A very good decision!
7 days of Chen tai chi training; 3 private lessons every day at Las Ramblas Golf Course.

Lester’s way of teaching, his inspiration and encouragement really brought my tai chi to another level. This and his knowledge and experience also brought my understanding of tai chi to another level. A higher level.

It was a great pleasure to practice and learn with Lester; to join in in the groups he teaches and have coffees together. The trainings we did at sunrise on Playa Flamenca Boulevard were very special too. Beautiful settings also!

Practicing 2 hours of tai chi early in the morning and 1 hour at the end of the afternoon, every day, is very intense and also hard work! But I enjoyed every minute and was really sad that it was over. During the trainings there was always time to talk, have fun, discuss and exchange thoughts, which I enjoyed very much. I miss our trainings….and the sun, the beach, the see, the fun and the coffees.

This retreat was wellness for body, mind and spirit. It has enriched my life.

Thank you so much Lester! I will definitely be back!

Liebe Grüsse aus der Schweiz